Stephanie Manasseh

curator & art consultant

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Brand Ambassador- Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the oldest Italian jewellery houses dating back to 1884. Company was founded by Sotirio Voulgaris (later renamed to Bulgari) who is Greek immigrant to Italy. Word “Bvlgari” is a phonetic version of Voulgaris’s name. According to some sources, it also believed that this name belongs to ancient Bulgarian family of jewellers that operated in Greece between 15th and 18th centuries. Letter “v” in the company name is a brand move to reinforce the roots of Greek culture in the company goodwill.


Art For Tomorrow – March 12-15, 2016 – Doha, Qatar

Accessible Art Fair 2016

Ambassador, Leading Culture Destinations

Culture, now more than ever, is an integral part of our lifestyle. The LCD Awards aim to shine a light on the most exceptional contributions to cultural life that museums and similar institutions have to offer, and to showcase emerging destinations of equal significance.

Art Consultant - Velvenoir


VELVENOIR is an art consultancy-gallery based in Salzburg, Austria with a growing network of art consultants and partner showrooms to develop and execute outstanding projects with original art in properties around the world.

VELVENOIR represents leading international artists and works with them as well as the interior designer, property developer closely on each project to offer integrated, strategic services for developing art collections in close relationships to the spaces that house them- and vice-versa.

In line with the offline service provided, the team behind VELVENOIR developed a concept inspired on sharing the outstanding connection of art and interior design online, the distinctive features of the tailored platform www.velvenoir.com challenges the boundaries between art, design and property development and creates at the same time an innovative open dialog within the three disciplines, to outline how original art makes a difference.

About Stephanie Manasseh


Stephanie was born and raised in Montreal and graduated from McGill University. In 1997 she moved to Europe and lived in Prague and Milan before moving to Brussels. She spent two years running conferences in Milan and has since studied with Sotheby’s in London.


She launched the first Accessible Art Fair in 2007 in Belgium. Her mission has always been to bring together talented artists without gallery representation with an art buying public. The range of artists that she works with appeals to both experienced art collectors and first-time buyers.


The Accessible Art Fair has become a well-known and respected event in the Brussels cultural calendar and Stephanie plans to launch the art fair in New York City next year.


In 2011, Stephanie expanded her services offered and launched the art consultancy service, offering personalised art consultancy for corporate and personal collections.


Curating for private collections


Corporate art events

Corporate art consultancy


Address :

Topos - Avenue Louise, 367 - 1050 Brussels, Belgium. contact@stephaniemanasseh.com